10 signs that show whether you’re a morning lark or night owl

We recently polled 2,000 adults to find out whether they’re bounce-out-of-bed people or serial snoozers – and discovered a 50:50 split. The survey also revealed that 40% of those in a relationship don’t go to bed or get up at the same time as their other half. Around a third revealed they’ve woken up in such a bad mood they’ve got into an argument – before they’ve even got out of the bed. Yikes.

The research also found people typically wake at 7:42am and are out of the house by 8:22am. One in 20 snooze for 30 minutes. While 25% struggle to get going before their first cup of coffee. A quarter of energetic people bounce out of bed as soon as their alarm sounds.

Not sure whether you’re a morning person or a night owl? We can tell you. Take a look at these two lists and find out… 

10 signs you’re a morning person

  1. Feeling more productive in the morning
  2. Not having to set an alarm because they’re up anyway
  3. Someone who’s cheerful and chirpy with colleagues first thing in the morning
  4. Feeling like the day is ‘wasted’ by staying in bed past 9am
  5. Never snoozing an alarm
  6. Getting an early night
  7. Someone who always has time for a proper breakfast
  8. Feeling most peaceful in the morning
  9. Someone who gets enough sleep
  10. Going to the gym before work

10 signs you’re a night owl

  1. You’ll happily start watching a film after 9pm
  2. You do your best work at night
  3. You’re happy to have your dinner after 8pm
  4. You find it hard to sleep
  5. You’d much rather have a night in the pub than a morning yoga class
  6. You never go to bed at the same time as your other half
  7. You often snooze your alarm
  8. You drink coffee any time
  9. You must set multiple alarms
  10. It annoys you when shops close – even if it’s at 10pm

Almost 75% of people struggle with mornings in winter. With the choice of a warm, cosy bed and the cold, dark outside world, it’s perhaps not surprising. But if you want to find your morning get-up-and-go, eve’s sleep expert, Christine Hansen suggests the following:

Start your day with a good stretch: This  will get  your blood  flowing, increase  oxygen intake and feel  like you are stretching sleep out of your bones. Why not try this 5-minute yoga tutorial?

Leave your blinds open: This will help your body wake naturally by ensuring your eyes are hit with sunlight light first thing.

Don’t skip breakfast: The most important meal of the day will help kick start your digestion and wake your body up.  

Time your morning brew: Have  your first  cup 30 minutes  after getting up. Your  cortisol levels are the  highest when you wake so give  them an extra kick for a prolonged  benefit.

Embrace essential oils: Using essential oils  like lemon, grapefruit, bergamot or even peppermint in the morning time are great  for a positive energy boost first thing

We also took to the streets to find out what people are really like first thing. Here’s how it went…

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