10 tips to turn your spare room into a luxury five star resort

As much as we all love having our nearest and dearest descend on us for a long weekend, preparing for guests can be somewhat tiresome. We all want to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. Where to start…?

Don’t worry – preparing your home for guests needn’t be a chore. First thing’s first – remove the bike from the spare room and make it look respectable. After that, here’s how you can transform your spare room into a luxury five star resort in ten easy steps…


1.  Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers not only emit a pleasant aroma, but also give the room that bit of extra colour. Don’t worry too much about the arrangement though. Just pick up a bunch or two, snip the ends off and pop them in a vase. Tulips are a great choice as they’re available all year round and come in a variety of vibrant colours.


2.  Make it luxurious

Create an environment that promotes a great night’s sleep. Start with a great mattress – trust us, your guests will thank you in the morning. Also make sure you have a fresh set of bedding. When it comes to sheets, we suggest a thread count of 200. This will ensure that they’re soft and breathable. As for the duvet, make a judgement call on whether it should be thick, fluffy and warm, or slightly thinner and lighter depending on how the weather is likely to behave. We all have our own personal preference when it comes to pillows, so opt for a soft memory foam pillow that contours around the shape of both back and side sleepers.


3.  Invite them to relax

Depending on space, add one or two bedside tables and stock them with current magazines or books that are a quick read. Literary-minded guests will appreciate the chance to wind down after a long day.


4.  Keep them on the clock

Place a small clock in the room so that your guests have an idea of what the time is. That way they won’t miss any planned activities or even an early morning flight.


5. Help them feel at home

Stash a neat bundle of guest towels, a robe and some extra blankets in a basket so that your guests have everything they need to freshen up on arrival.


6. Add a mirror

For touching up make up or putting on jewellery, provide a small mirror in the guest room. If space allows, hang a long dressing mirror so that they can check themselves over before leaving the room.


7.  Light it up

An adjustable bedside lamp allows night owls to enjoy a good book or catch up on all that fake news without disturbing the rest of the house.


8.  Provide healthy snacks

A bowl of fresh fruit not only adds a pop of colour but also provides your guests with a convenient snack that won’t spoil their dinner.


9. Dress the windows

Blinds, roller shades or ready-made draperies mean that your guests will be able to control just how much light they want to allow in to the room.


10. Create a vanity area

Have a look around the house for a small table or even a chair that can function as both a vanity area and a clothes horse.


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