bedroom styling made easy: tips from interior bloggers

We’re looking to inspire you with some curated looks from our favourite interior bloggers – just in time for those all-important New Year’s resolutions. So if you’ve decided to give your bedroom a bit of a refresh this coming January, check out these stylish statements you can make to that all important room of the house:


“When designing bedrooms, I am a huge advocate of trusted neutrals. From deep charcoal to off-whites, cream and oatmeal, layer up soothing shades to create a calm and welcoming environment.

premium mattress by eve

Choose a bed frame and headboard in a classic colour to ground your design (and ideally in the largest size your space allows).

Then opt for the best possible mattress you can – no regrets when you snuggle in at the end of a long day! Finally, finish with soft, comfortable bedding, a beautifully-scented candle and some cosy sleepwear for the ultimate in relaxation.”

jersey sheets by eve

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“Sleeping should be a ritual, not a chore and ensuring that your bedroom is a haven for the perfect night’s sleep is, quite frankly, something that should be invested in. Sleeping well can help to improve your skin, hair and those all-important energy levels for a full day of productivity. Re-energising needn’t mean boring though and my picks for my perfect eve bedroom pack a punch too.

eve linen sheets

This bed frame made in partnership with Mijo studio will add a stylish burst of colour to your bedroom and can be paired with yellow linen bedding for a vibrant aesthetic. Yellow is known for its energy boosting traits and the abstract swipes of blue on this bed frame will help to bring those relaxing vibes too.

eve bed frame by mijo

There’s no doubt in my mind that the only way to go with your mattress is the premium option. Beauty sleep is a big deal, right? This mattress uses the latest technology to ensure that you maintain regular body temperature, making those sweaty nights a thing of the past.  Lastly, I’ve added a candle from Fellowstead from Eve’s new concept store. My go-to scent is the orange peel and ginger for a sweet fragrance; great for settling down in the evening with a book.”

fellowstead candle

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“If like us, you’re renting and prefer the bread-and-butter of the room to be something that can be easily adapted to wherever your home for now is, then we’re looking at the modular bed frame. It’s easy to assemble and without tools no less for a fuss-free task. With adaptable storage options, there’s no need for a bedside table and therefore won’t take up too much space.

eve modu

Let’s then get down to business. We’re picking the original mattress from eve. It’s their first and most popular product – not to mention we still love that pop of yellow that comes with it. We’ve tried it and can’t get enough of the medium-firm feel.

Next, it’s on to the bedding – we love Love LOVE eve’s collaboration with CUSTHOM which launched in 2018. There are four designs available – and we’ve specified the Arc set here for the geometric shapes, complemented in the grey and subtle pink shades. We love a design collab and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Speaking of, we’re loving the collated collection of brands eve has lined up. We’re all about the Skandinavisk candles currently on sale – they’re a perfect present or even just to treat yourself as a little winter warmer during these dark months.”

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Until the 31st January, we’re offering 20% off your basket (when you spend over £400) so there’s never been a better time to take some advice from the experts and give that room a refresh for the New Year.

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