5 bedtime clock change tips for parents

Summer’s officially over and it’s time to mark your calendar for when the clocks go back on Sunday 28th October. Although most of us welcome the thought of an extra hour’s sleep, some children find it hard to adjust.

Although we can’t promise a perfectly-timed wake-up call from your children, our top five bedtime sleep tips will help you and your little one enjoy that extra hour in bed-heaven.

stick to a routine

Don’t let the initial extended day stop you with your day-to-day routine. The best way to normalise the additional hour in the day is to simply maintain your regular routine. Making it a big deal may confuse kids or excite kids – or both, making bedtime a battle and not a breeze. Just keep it simple.

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stagger the time difference

While still maintaining your regular routine, make it easier to adapt to by altering the time gradually over a four-day period leading up to the 28th. Alter their mealtime, wind down time and bedtime by 15 minutes each day; so come the 28th, the time difference has been met.

For example, if you usually put them to bed at 7pm, make it 6.45pm on day one, 6.30pm on day two, 6.15pm on day three and come the 28th, the new 6pm won’t be a surprise. Integrating the routine slowly into the new one should leave both of you with more time to unwind each evening.

energetic by day, relaxed by bedtime

Of course you’re keen to make the most of your extra hour in bed, but if you’re worried that your little one has other plans – keep them active and stimulated during the day, gradually slowing it down towards chill out time in the evening. Releasing all that energy then teaching them to slow it down toward bedtime can help them enjoy better quality sleep, and for longer, allowing you a well-deserved lie in. Better still, ensure your little one is as rested for the clock change as can possibly be with the comfiest baby cot mattress on the block.

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create a good start to the day

It’s important to start the day right, this is especially true when you’re planning an active day ahead. The day before the clocks go back, organise some fun and exciting things to incentivise you to roll out of your dream bed with more of a spring in your step. Some ideas include a playlist that gets you moving, a delicious but easy breakfast such as overnight oats or pancakes you can simply reheat.

Still need an energy boost for the darker mornings? Why not try a SAD lamp whilst your children are occupied at breakfast? These lamps are great for those affected by the seasonal weather change; in need of an energy pick-me-up.

don’t forget to look after yourself

As important as it is to make sure your child adapts smoothly to the clock change, ensure you take time out to enjoy it, too. Even if your child wakes an hour earlier than you would like, snuggle with your little one right through your early morning blues and enjoy that extra hour in bed together. Add a sense of luxury to snuggle time and treat yourself to our luxurious linen sheets. You’ve earned it.

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