boxing clever: 5 ways to use your eve mattress box

We’ve seen a number of our wonderful customers take the initiative to do something creative with the boxes that house your exciting new eve products. So, this Boxing Day we want to celebrate your talent with a roundup of some of our favourite boxing clever moments. As a thank you for all your support this year, we’re offering a seasonal 20% discount starting from Box-ing Day.

feeling above it all

Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do, but you wouldn’t know that from the look on Chloe’s face after moving into her new apartment. Taking reusing her boxes to the next level – literally – Chloe has reached new heights by using her original mattress box as a seating space.

Image: @chloe.kian

growing with you

There’s more to eve products than sleep, we now provide high-end, non-water-resistant cardboard tables. On a serious note, it’s warming to see Kate’s two young boys using their box as a practical extension of their home. Kate explains how this picture captures a turning point for them as a family; from their first night on the baby cot mattress, being watched over by their mother, to their first ‘big boy beds’ and making their own adventures. It’s hard not to smile as we watch these two boys take their mattress box and create a whole new world with it.

Image: @tribeandus

create mystical worlds

Who wouldn’t say yes to visiting this gloriously unique house? Little Stevie has taken the box of her new light mattress and created a work of box-art with windows, a solid structure and two floors. A brilliant example of using a box as more than a square and upcycling in style. Not only will Stevie’s parents get a great night’s sleep, she has her own space to create a mystical world in. We’re tempted to turn this tower into a castle by adding a few colour co-ordinated sheets draped from the top to open the imagination even further.

Image @evesleep

pet-sized fun

Meet Dexter, one of the cutest customers we’ve had, who is using his box in a simple but successful way. We have a suspicion that his parents have benefited from the velvet memory foam pillow, but Dexter has no problem using the box as his bed.

Larger boxes, from products such as the mattress topper, can be crafted into climbing towers or running spaces for smaller animals. With the bonus of being excellent for the environment, this is a great way to get the most out of your products. Thanks for the inspo, Dexter!

Image: @Dexterharries

grow their imagination


More often than not kids prefer the boxes the toys come in more than the toys themselves. Well, in this case it’s true. Vivienne herself is excited to unbox her brand-new luxury mattress while her little girls are even happier to get a brand-new playhouse. The bonus of using a box? The children are free to decorate it however they want; glitter and felt tip pens galore. A simple addition to the playroom while being an easy way to keep the little ones entertained. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can create a hanging sign or buy a personalised one.

Image: @vivlizrosie

boxing day sale

To say thank you for all your support and creativity, we are offering a 20% discount when you spend more than £400 between 26th December 2018 to 31st of January 2019, just use the code FRESHSTART at the checkout. Why not grab yourself a mattress and share your creative boxing-genius with us? Be sure to tag us @evesleep.

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