Catching up with 100m sprinter Rebecca Campsall

After having spent the last year on the eve mattress, 100m sprinter Rebecca Campsall tells us how instrumental it has been for her rest and recovery during training…


Have you noticed any effect on your general fitness and performance?

I wouldn’t like to say this is purely down to the mattress because I do train 6 times a week, but my improvement since sleeping on the eve mattress has been significant. My personal best when I began sleeping on an Eve in 2014  has dropped by over half a second to 11.53 (that is a huge margin in sprints!). My target is to hit the Commonwealth Games ‘A’ standard of 11.32 in 2017.


And in terms of recovery – has the mattress helped?

Sleeping on an eve ensures that I have good quality, uninterrupted sleep. There is an undeniable link between this and recovery. There’s nothing worse than sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and waking up 10 times a night to change position. With my eve I don’t need to worry about that.


Is there a specific sleeping position you favour in order to aid recovery?

I try to always sleep facing out of the bed, on my non dominant side (laying on my left) as you are less likely to wake in the night sleeping on your non dom side.


What do you like most about the mattress?



Do you find that you feel more invigorated waking up on the eve mattress?

I feel fresh, revived and ready to start the day.


So how’s training going at the moment?

Training is going very well. I have hit all my improvement targets in training across the board, and the aim now is to start racing and put those improvements into action and get some personal bests on the track.


Any competitions?

I will be competing at the British team trials which are held to select a team for the World Championships. This trial is on June 30th2nd July.


And finally – how would you describe your perfect start to the day?

I work full time as a trainee solicitor during the week, alongside 7 training sessions a week. My perfect morning has to be my rest day – Saturday – as it’s the only lie in I get. Coffee and breakfast plus some overtime with my eve is the perfect start to the day!

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