delightfully clever uses for your old pillows

When we use something everyday, it’s easy for time to pass on by without thinking to replace it. The same applies to our lovely old pillows. Research shows that after just 2-3 years, our pillows can scoop up a whole 30,000 germs – meaning it’s probably time to replace them.

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to save your old pillows from the trash bin. They can’t be recycled or donated, after all. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to come up with some brilliantly creative ways to upcycle old pillows, inspired by our collaboration with LoveCrafts. Because our pre-loved pillows may be old, but never forgotten.

1. Recover and repurpose

old pillows

We feel utterly inspired after seeing what LoveCraft’s designer Emma, of Steel & Stitch, came up with. Her beautiful lion scatter cushion gives old pillows a wonderful new purpose – and could even double up as a yoga or home office cushion (ideal for supporting our spines during our days at home). View the how-to video.

2. Use the stuffing for old toys or cushions

Remember your childhood teddy that you still cuddle night after night? Yep, we’re talking to you. If it’s looking a bit flat after years of snoozing with you, try using the filling from your old pillow to give it some much needed plumpness. Or stuff some into any flat-as-a-pancake cushions.

3. Fashion a sun lounger

old pillows

The weather’s getting nicer and many of us are still stuck at home. LoveCrafts’ take on a sun lounger takes multiple old pillows off your hands and provides top notch comfort when sat in the sun. View the tutorial here.

4. … Or a floor cushion

The same could be done to make a delectably comfy floor cushion. Great for the kids’ play time, cinema nights or simply vegging out.

5. Make a pet bed

old pillows

Our furry friends love comfort, so repurposing your old pillows for their enjoyment won’t go amiss. Check out LoveCrafts’ version here – it even has a handy pocket for storing their most-loved toys.

6. Create a knee pad for gardening

A simple but useful one – try re-covering your old pillow (see LoveCrafts’ tips for this here) and using it as a handy knee pad for gardening. Your knees will never have known so much comfort.

7. Keep them aside for packing or moving house

If you think you could use your old pillows at some point, there’s nothing stopping you putting them to one side now for use later (you could even vacuum pack them). Their filling could be an excellent support for moving house – think of that crockery you’re desperate not to smash…

old pillows

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