7 people who will love the eve hybrid mattress

In the market for a new mattress, or just perusing the options? The new eve hybrid mattress packs a serious punch in terms of comfort, style and value for money – and we’re not the only ones who feel that way. Read on to find out whether you too could benefit from our awesome new style of mattress…

1. those who want a quality mattress… that doesn’t cost the earth

Yes, really, this exists. The eve hybrid is an expensive mattress that (wait for it…) isn’t actually expensive at all. Delivering great sleep value for money – check out the reviews for yourself – it has exactly the same quality control as our main mattress, plus a 10-year warranty. But crucially, it’s affordable, starting at just £299 for a single size (and its height means it will fit your existing sheets too – bonus).

woman sleeping on eve hybrid mattress

2. people who enjoy a bit of a support

The beauty of the hybrid is that it offers excellent support on any type of bed base, so there’s no need to go buying a new one – just pop it onto whatever you’ve got (wood slats or platform beds offer the most support, FYI). Each coil in the mattress responds to your movement and sleeping position too, which means it has all sleepers covered – from the ‘on-your-back’ snoozers, to the ‘curl-in-a-ball’ types.

3. fans of a pocket spring

No idea what pocket springs do? Allow us to explain. Unlike traditional springs which are all interconnected, pocket springs have their own fabric pocket and react individually to your bodyweight and pressure – which means they deliver incredible support. But that’s not all. They also relieve pressure from areas like your hips and shoulders and help correct spinal alignment. And because the hybrid has over 700 full-size pocket springs, you can count on the best night’s sleep of your life.

pocket springs - eve mattress

4. those sat on the mattress fence

Mattress shopping can be confusing – what if you want the support and stability of springs, but also the softness and breathability of foam? Good news – you can have both. As well as the firm support and sturdiness of over 700 springs, the comfort foam layer provides better bounce technology and long-lasting comfort (plus the foam between the pocket springs adds extra stability). Double whammy, and everyone’s happy.

5. folk in need of a spare room mattress

Thanks to the wallet-friendly price point, the hybrid makes a great guest mattress too (no more scrimping on the guests – hooray) and promises all the benefits of our luxury eve mattress for your lucky visitors. Washing it couldn’t be easier either – you just unzip the top panel and chuck it in the washing machine. (Warning: expect a sudden influx of guests once they find out about your new purchase….).

eve hybrid pocket spring mattress on essential bed frame

6. people moving house

Moving house is a great time for ditching whatever you don’t need, and investing in quality products for your new place. And despite packing in so many impressive springs, the hybrid still arrives at your door in a neat, easy-to-unpack box, wherever your new abode is – so that’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, its budget-friendly price means you don’t have to justify the purchase, unlike that Instagram-worthy pink velvet sofa…

7. sleepers who get hot at night

Because the hybrid’s comfort foam layer – which is thirty times more breathable than normal memory foam – dissipates body heat for a cooler night’s sleep, it helps keep you cool when the weather isn’t. As well as that, the top cover is moisture-wicking, too, which means no more tossing and turning during those unbearably hot summer months. Instead, wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go (even on a Monday).

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