Feeling wonky? Time to reframe your mindset

This day, that day, next day, today. We don’t know about you, but everything’s feeling a little muddled right now. Luckily, we’ve found something that we’re confident will help us all get on the straight and narrow.

According to our sleep expert Dave Gibson, supporting our minds can help us get a better night’s sleep. So rather than staring at the ceiling when you should be boarding the snooze train, try one of our useful hacks below to help you reframe your mindset and start each day full of beans.

Relaxation techniques

Finding wind-down harder than usual? Changes to our usual routines like being at home with the kids or using our lunch tables as makeshift offices can make it harder to relax and switch off, because we’ve blurred the line between work and play. Luckily, Dave has given us some superb relaxation meditations to soothe our busy minds. With one for kids and another for adults, bedtime will be bliss tonight.

Write down your worries

A manageable way to help us reframe our mindset when stressed is to write down our worries. Not only can it help to have a birds’ eye view of what we’re facing, but it can even show that they’re not as serious as we first thought. The secret to doing this? Choose a certain time each day (maybe after lunch or dinner) to jot them down. This means you’ve spent time dealing with your worries, wrangling those gnarly things under control and capturing them on a page. Your mind can then move on to other things, focusing on worthwhile thoughts and freeing up your mind for a bit more of the happy stuff. 

Share how you’re feeling

Sometimes it’s just better to spill. If you’re a bottle-it-up kind of person, why not try speaking to someone about your worries? Sure, it may involve a little push out of your comfort zone, but right now we’re all way out of our comfort zone anyway, what’s one more moment of weirdness? And if you don’t feel like you have someone whose ear you can bend (or screen you can fill), try a chatline like Mind to speak to someone and get those worries off your chest. A key part of being able to reframe our mindsets is to talk through what we’re thinking and why we’re feeling a certain way.

Stick to that routine

We know, we know – we keep banging on about routines. It’s almost getting a bit, routine-y? But the truth is we humans are hard-wired to like a routine. So make sure you approach each day with a clear purpose, and make deliberate time for breaks and rest. This’ll really help boost your mood and reframe your mindset to be much more manageable. You’ll tame those unruly thoughts in no time, leaving your mind free to focus on the good stuff, and settle down to sleep each night more easily. Try our trusty routine calculator which has already helped thousands of Brits across the country nail their wake-up and wind-down routines.

Get colouring

Colouring is definitely not just for kids. It’s a brilliantly mindful activity, switching our minds from (over)thinking mode to creating mode. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or need five minutes of mental peace, why not try our colouring in template? It’s also a great way to keep your little ones busy and features our dancing sloth, the champion of morning happiness. Don’t worry about keeping the colours within the lines; let yourself get carried away with your creation, and any nasty thoughts or niggly worries will float off into the distance.

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