five books you’ll want on your bedside table

We think 2019 is the year of small, do-able changes. The ones that make you feel great, without really trying. In fact, we’ve written a whole blog post on it right here. And what better way to get a dose of that instant feel-good factor than curling up with a new book? 

So put the kettle on. Grab your duvet and take a moment with one of these five book titles…

the book to leave you inspired

Looking for a book that will both inspire and motivate you? Then we can’t think of a better choice. Michelle Obama’s Becoming is a memoir of reflection and storytelling. We probably don’t have to tell you that Michelle was the first African-American First Lady, but you might not know the extent of her advocacy work for women and girls around the world, charity work, talks and initiatives.  This book delves deep into the experiences and challenges that Michelle has faced. Prepare to be inspired.

the book for you design folk

If you’re partial to a little revamp or browsing essential bedroom bargains once in a while, here’s the book for you. Mad about the House is a collection of expert practical tips and tricks from Kate Watson-Smyth, interior journalist and the UK’s number one interiors blogger. Brimming with inspiring ideas, Mad about the House will have you renovating your rooms in no time. Plus, Kate’s top 10 design hacks can help even the most ‘uninclined’ home designers. Perfect for anyone and everyone interested in making more of their space.

the book with sleep insight

The token sleep book on this list is a corker. Have you ever wondered why sleep is important, what effect sleep has on us or what happens in the REM stage? Well, now we have the answers courtesy of Why We Sleep.

the book for those after a thrill

Bear with us, fiction fans. YOU is a rather chilling fictional thriller that tells the story of Beck and Joe – and the deadly whirlwind that unfolds when they meet each other.  The book has been met with such praise it’s just been adapted as a Netflix series.

the new self-help book 

This isn’t just any old self-help book. It’s not preachy and it won’t sit on your bookshelf long forgotten after January. Notes on a Nervous Planet is sensible, insightful and relevant. Whether you’ve been affected by stress and anxiety, or just want a primer on how to feel present, this is the book for you. Although we really think it’s a read for everyone.

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