10 ways to become a morning person

Does the idea of setting your alarm half an hour earlier in the morning make you shudder? If you’ve spent the majority of your life as a night owl, the idea of becoming a morning person may fill you with dread. Waking up early to seize the day doesn’t come easily to many people, but it might be worth making the effort to become an early bird – because research suggests there’s a definitely possibility you will end up catching the metaphorical worm.

Morning people often tend to be successful people. If you look at leaders of industry, professional athletes or CEOs – they all start their days early to get ahead of the competition. But what’s their secret? It turns out, adopting a morning ritual is key to seeing results. So, hold off on hitting that snooze button and follow the below 10 tips to guarantee a more productive future…




take a moment

One of the best things about getting up early is knowing that while everyone else is asleep, you are awake. It feels almost as if you alone have the world to yourself, even if only for a short time. This is a great opportunity to sit back, relax and just be still with your thoughts before the world inevitably continues to spin on with the hustle and bustle of the day.

go to bed early

It seems obvious but it’s staggering how many people actually force themselves to stay up (Netflix has a lot to answer for here). Getting the proper amount of sleep is critical to not only your mental health and creativity but also to weight control. When your biorhythms are off it wreaks havoc on your entire system. So the next time you’re thinking about watching just one more episode, think again and get your head down – you’ve got a world to conquer tomorrow!

get rid of clutter

Make a point of getting rid of any clutter. You’ll be surprised just how much lighter you feel mentally after getting rid of any unneeded excesses physically. Junk mail, phone apps, old receipts – just watch how much your attitude changes after having a good clear out.

tackle that big task first

We’ve all got that one dreaded task that we try and put off for as long as possible. Instead of having it hang over you all day, save yourself the anxiety and just get up and get it done. It’s a great sense of relief, plus you’ll feel more motivated and willing to take on any smaller jobs that follow. Besides, the morning is the time when you typically have the most energy and feel the most rested.

make a motivational mantra

By creating your very own mantra you are giving yourself a general goal that will help keep you both motivated and focused. You’ve really got to dig deep here and try to find what it is that inspires you. Once you know what it is you really want, create a phrase that encapsulates this end goal and repeat it over and over every morning whilst going through your usual routine. It’s a great way of clarifying your purpose for getting up out of bed.

get moving

No excuses. Studies have shown that people are less likely to come up with excuses early in the morning making it the best time for you to squeeze in that jog or five-minute workout. This burst of AM activity not only gives you a boost of energy but also fine tune the senses ready for the day ahead.

pack a snack

Smart snacking is key for boosting your metabolism as well as fuelling brain activity, improving focus, productivity and focus. Plan your snacks ahead of time, using them as a reward for completing a task.

visualise your goals

Whereas, most people think that the evening is the best time for reflection, this is actually the time when you should be winding down. The early hours are the best time to take advantage of the quiet and map out your day. Visualize your goals and what it is you need to do in order to achieve them. Research has shown that even two minutes of visualisation and positive thinking can improve your mood and clarity for the entire day ahead.

eat a healthy breakfast

Take time to eat a wholesome breakfast. It’s essential to fuel your body and mind, giving yourself the energy needed to take on the day.

wake up an hour earlier

It’ll take a little while to adjust but once you’ve got into the routine of getting up an hour earlier you will never look back. Research has shown, not only are early risers more optimistic and conscientious, they also anticipate problems and minimize them more efficiently.


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