how to transform your home into a holiday this summer

Had your holidays cancelled this summer? No problem. Just because you can’t hop on a plane to a destination of your choice doesn’t mean that all’s lost.

Yup, even here at eve HQ we get the holiday blues. Which is why we’ve put our noggins together to come up with some stellar ways (well, we think so anyway) to transform your home into a holiday this summer. Our top tip? DO try this at home.

sip fancy cocktails

Get your loved ones round. Stick some music on. And recreate your favourite holiday cocktails. Whether you’re into the hard stuff or mocktails, we love mailbox cocktail company Nio for the best of both. Plus, they come premixed. So all you have to do is pour and enjoy.

have a pool party

We know, we know. Britain’s weather isn’t reliable at the best of times. But if it’s looking up, there’s nothing stopping you creating a pool party in your garden with an inflatable jobbie. Stick a tropical smelly from Lush in there for all of the holiday feels.

get glamping

Camping’s great, but wouldn’t it be more fun to do it at home where you can stay warm and dry? Simply pick a room in your house. Get your bed sheets out for the tent part. Whip out our new sleep away range for the comfy part. And stick up some twinkly lights for the stars part. Nice, eh?

sleep blissfully

If we’re lucky enough to have warm weather, don’t let your kip suffer. Check out our sleep expert Dave Gibson’s top tips for beating the heat and getting your sleep temperature right when things warm up outside. You can always rely on temperature balancing protectors, too.

indulge in role play

We don’t mean that kind of role playing (no judging if that’s your thing, though). But if you fancy being transported to a land far away, get a group together and play Murder Mystery. There’s nothing like dressing up and putting on an act to whisk you away from where you are. 

have a boogie

Craving a dance? Us too. But there’s nothing stopping you transforming your humble abode into Britain’s best nightclub for one night only. Start with our unashamedly yellow playlist. Get the disco lights going. And get dressed up. Tonight, we’re going ‘out out’ (sorry, we mean ‘in in’).

cook up a storm
Explore world cuisines or make a holiday dish you’re missing this summer. We love this roundup by the BBC which touches on Europe, the Americas, south east Asia… The list goes on. Say it with us: nom nom.

Shop our new sleep away range for stash-away-able sleep gear that’ll give you (or your guests) top notch kip while sleeping away from home.

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