introducing the folk x eve bedroom collection

Here at eve we’re excited to announce the launch of our first ever brand collaboration with British contemporary casualwear label Folk clothing. Folk’s quietly elegant range is enriched by subtle details: style without drama with simple patterns and a focus quality, texture and characteristics of the fabrications and trims. The Folk x eve bedroom collection is no different. Stylish and simple, the collection has a focus on superior quality and beautiful detail, featuring pyjamas, bedding, sleep socks and a sleep tee.


The off-white pyjamas are made of 100% cotton and cut in both a men’s and women’s fit. Featuring navy blue piping detail, they are tailored with crisp lines to be structured yet flattering, whilst also being lightweight for fluidity.

The sleep tee, in a soft white, features an embroidered sunrise graphic and is made with lightweight jersey cotton, cut to have the comfort of everyday wear but with the lightness and breathability that’s perfect for a sleepwear piece.

Made of a rich wool blend, the unisex sleep socks carry a bolder design, with yellow and white graphics embroidered on navy blue.


The soft grey bedding set, created with a 100% cotton percale weave and incorporating embroidery detailing in Folk’s classic navy blue and eve’s signature sunshine yellow, works together with the sleepwear to allow the ultimate ease of movement during the night with no friction; the perfect combination of style and comfort.


‘Our design ethos at eve is to create beautifully simple products that are simply beautiful, and Folk’s focus on subtle detailing and craftsmanship is a real inspiration;  they’re the perfect partner. With this collection you can wear it, dress your bed with it, and the fabrics have been carefully selected to work together so that you can sleep easy.’



‘We love collaborating with new makers, and eve shares a similar ethos to Folk when it comes to commitment to detail and quality in design. We’ve wanted to create a Folk bedroom collection for a little while now and I’ve known Kuba for a number of years, so it felt like the perfect opportunity.’


  • Cathal McAteer, founder of Folk Clothing


The collaboration has been brought to life by director Jethro Marshall. The short film ‘Run to the sea’ sees a couple wake up in a Dorsetshire woodland and race through the trees to the shore. The concept was designed to encapsulate the kind of wanderlust one experiences when waking up from a truly great night’s sleep and the joy of discovering new sights and sounds.


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