5 reasons why we unashamedly love the eve microfibre duvet

The cold weather can make getting out of bed hard work, but our new and improved eve duvet could make things even harder.

We might sound like a proud parent showing off a child’s A+ school report, but there are plenty of reasons why we’re bigging it up. We’ve swapped down filling for something new, something better. Intrigued? Read on…

It’s got warmth, without the weight

Honestly, it’s cloud-like. We borrowed some clever technology from the world of sports performance to create a light, fluffy duvet. Down might feel sumptuous, but we like to think we’ve gone one better with our new filling. We’ve used 70% Microfibre, which is superlight, feels and falls like down, but provides the perfect circulation of air.

It’s temperature regulating

We found the perfect sidekick to Microfibre: 30% Tencel®. Both work together like a superhero duo to regulate humidity beneath the covers. You stay at a comfortably toasty temperature all night, without waking up with that sticky feeling in the morning.

You can pick and choose a warmth to suit you

We’ve got three different versions or ‘weights’ of duvet to suit everyone and every season. We even added signature yellow poppers to our all-season duvet (a 4.5 tog and 9 tog that can be used together or separately), so it stays in one place and you can switch it up to suit the weather.

It’s good for sensitive sleepers

As well as feeling light and soft, the combination of Microfibre and Tencel® protects the eve duvet from unpleasant bugs and prevents sweat build-up. It’s also anti-allergy and kind to skin.

We’ve snuck in some cool details

Not content at a cloud-like feel and some cool temperature-regulating technology, we added some very useful details to the eve duvet. We use baffle-box stitching to keep the filling evenly spaced across the duvet. It also means there’s more space for air circulation, so it keeps its shape, warmth and size – so you have your wondercloud for longer.

We also used a 100% premium cotton percale weave cover for an extra soft touch.

close up of the eve duvet

Disclaimer: If it turns you into a duvet hogger, we’re sorry.

Want to know more? For more information about the eve duvet or any of our other products head to our main website here.

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