6 positive resolutions for a better 2019

‘New year, new me’ is a phrase that’s often thrown around at the start of January, as we set ourselves New Year’s resolutions. We all know that they can be hard to stick to – so much so, most of us will have given up on our goals by the middle of January. But there’s something we’re all starting to realise. By taking a new approach to making smaller and more sustainable adjustments to our daily routines, we can use January as the month we start to enhance our overall wellbeing for the long term, setting healthier habits that will hang around.

is ‘new year, new you’ over?

Although the sentiment of ‘new year, new me’ can promote some powerful positive changes, last year saw a rise of longer-term intents and the associated hashtags – #selfcare, #selflove, #mentalhealth and #positivity. All this is a sign that we’re starting to move away from striving to achieve challenging goals or cutting things out of our life, only to feel worse for not fulfilling them all, and instead placing importance on enhancing our overall good health.  As we enter 2019, self-care is more prominent than ever.  So how can we all get started?

a better way to take on the new year

Putting too much pressure on yourself can have a negative impact on your sleep and can make your overall wellbeing suffer, so at eve we’ve got a couple of smaller, doable positive changes…

1. set a theme for the year…

Rather than a specific goal that can make you feel worse if you don’t succeed at it, set yourself a theme for the year. This should be something you want to remember throughout the year with no fixed standard so you won’t feel bad if you don’t do it every day. Themes like mindfulness or enjoyment could be a good start.

happy woman on eve mattress

2. theme your year around a mantra

A mantra started out in meditation and is a short saying that you repeat to yourself regularly. It’s a great way to remain focused and a perfect way to align yourself. Create your mantra by picking a short sentence that resonates with you. We like, ‘the best way to get something done is to start’. Place it somewhere prominent to help you remember it every day, such as on your fridge or in your calendar, and repeat it to yourself when you can. Perhaps quietly if you’re on a busy tube…

3. live by a monthly mantra

You’ve guessed it – this one is similar to a yearly mantra, but you switch it up each month. We like mantras rather than goals because they aren’t something you need to succeed at, but instead are something to live by. Another good example is, ‘it’s okay to say no’ and we like, ‘never apologise for looking after yourself’. Amen to that.

4. create a gratitude list

Instead of looking at what you should do, why not look at what you have done? There’s no better motivation than taking some time out to acknowledge your own achievements and stopping to appreciate things you’re thankful for. Create a gratitude list of all the opportunities you’ve had and achievements you’re proud of. It’s tempting to only write about what you have completed but think about those non-tangible things too.

5. start a regular life audit

Rather than pushing yourself to reach a goal, another option is reassessing what is and isn’t working in your life. Create a relaxing environment to retreat to and look at how things are going.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is working?
  • What don’t I enjoy anymore?
  • What do I want to do more of?
  • How am I feeling?
  • Take stock and plan actionable baby steps so you can keep yourself focused in a positive way.

6. make simple sleep changes for better wellbeing

You didn’t think we’d forget sleep, did you? Prioritising sleep is a simple, underrated tool for greater wellbeing in 2019. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that it benefits our physical and mental health. So whether you aim for a consistent bedtime this year (trust us, it helps) or upgrade your mattress, putting sleep on the agenda is a small resolution with big benefits.

how this new outlook will boost your wellbeing

New Year’s resolutions are highly motivating at the start, but the holy grail is to have positive wellbeing – body and mind – all year round. Taking on this new perspective can really help you maintain this throughout the year.

Indulge in a bath with scented candles and decide which route might work for you, remembering that you aren’t restricted in any way.  One month you can try a mantra and the next you can do a life audit – whatever works for you.

Tell us what you’ll be doing for New Year by leaving a comment below.

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