the morning diaries: Yogi Bare founder Kat Pither

Ever wondered how the other half snooze? In this new series, we’re finding out – and next up, it’s yoga teacher and founder of Yogi Bare, Kat Pither.

When it comes to wellness and sleep, even the experts struggle to get it right, says Kat. The yoga teacher and entrepreneur, 28, lives in her hometown of North London with her parents and brother, after having recently relocated from Cardiff. Here, she explains what a typical day – and a good night’s sleep – really looks like…

5.15am I’m currently living at my parent’s in North London, while I look for a home for my company. I’m a really early riser but luckily, I don’t have to worry about making noise in the mornings – my parents and brother are all up early, too. My dad is awake at 4.30am!

5.20am I’m a big tea drinker, but most people are appalled by how I have it – three-quarters soya milk, then I just dunk the teabag in. It’s very milky and anaemic-looking! My mug is huge, so I look a bit like a Borrower sipping it. I can’t focus or concentrate without a hot drink.

5.40am I love that quiet time in the morning, where I can sit and reflect, knowing the world’s asleep. I’m really into Ayurveda and that quiet time in the morning is known as ‘Vata’ time which is typically creative, so I’ll spend 20 minutes doing some ‘journalling’ and brainstorming ideas. I recently went to an event with the stationer Kikki K (Kristina Karlsson) and she gave us all some dream journals to use. Mine is pretty full!

6.00am I used to bomb in and out of the shower in a rush, but since I’ve been trying to follow Ayurvedic principles – which encourage self-care and self-love – I’ll go a bit slower and give myself an oil massage after my shower. It sounds fancier than it is – just applying moisturiser, basically – but following skincare rituals really sets me up for the day.

6.35am I can’t do anything without breakfast and I’m such a cliché – I love avocado on toast! I’m happy it’s porridge season again, because I enjoy a warm breakfast, too.

7.05am I love hopping on the tube to work – I feel like I’m Love Actually, as if anything could happen! I’ll either head straight to meetings or find somewhere quiet to work for the day.

8am My favourite place to hunker down is Barber and Parlour in Shoreditch. It feels like an old lady’s living room and I love working there. I’ll often find myself meeting other brands, charities or company founders to magic up ideas and ways we can work together. The best thing about my job is nobody can tell you ‘no’ since I’m my own boss!

9.10am This time last year I was a full-time yoga teacher and now I’m running Yogi Bare, my schedule looks very different – it’s turned from a side project into a full-time job. I go to yoga classes regularly – my favourite is Fierce Grace Hot Yoga, so I’ll often try and get one in, especially on weekends before brunch. The only problem is, you end up getting pretty sweaty.

12pm If I’ve been sat down sending emails or working on spreadsheets all morning, I’ll peel off to get some fresh air. We’ve got so many lovely parks, like Holland Park, in London. Having a wander there is like being in Alice in Wonderland, with the peacocks! I suffer from anxiety and find having a good amount of fresh air and outdoor time means I tend to be less anxious. Eating well and moving often helps, too.

1.30pm I’ll usually end up grabbing lunch at somewhere like Whole Foods and then I’ll try and see something that inspires me. They’ve recently opened the Japan House in Kensington, which is beautiful and really fascinating. I like to walk around places that inspire me to get my brain flowing.

6pm My laptop gets switched off at around 6pm on a typical work day. I’ll usually spend my evenings supporting friends at launches or going to a yoga class to unwind (I try not to exercise too close to bedtime, as it wakes me up).

6.40pm There’s an amazing sushi place in Queen’s Park that I love, so I’ll often grab food from there on the way home or on my way to an event. Around now is my ideal dinner time – I try not to eat too late and eat light meals in the evening, otherwise I find it difficult to sleep.

7.30pm I’m not a massive drinker but I do like the occasional cocktail if I’m out – I like to celebrate life! Although I’m known to be a bit of a snorer if I do. If I’m at home, I might do some yin yoga or a slower practice if I feel achy.

10.00 Baths are a very special thing, I absolutely love having them. I’ll make a ‘bath kitchen’ of sorts, using pink Himalayan salts with magnesium, coconut oil, lavender, rose petals or peppercorns. And sometimes herbs too – they have great healing properties (although some, like mint, can wake you up!). The magnesium is meant to be calming and helps improve your sleep.

10.25pm Turmeric lattes are meant to be calming, so I’ll make one before bed (I avoid caffeine during the evenings). I’ve recently started taking zinc and magnesium as that’s meant to be relaxing and aids sleep, too.

10.30pm Being on the tube and walking around London means you often feel it in your skin, so I’ve made an effort to start a proper skincare regime. I use an anti-anxiety skincare brand called Disciple, which is full of calming herbs. I’m weird and love brushing my teeth – I find it so therapeutic the way it makes you feel brand new.

10.50pm I can’t go to bed with a cluttered room, so I’ll hide away any books or things, and shut my drawers so it’s tidy. I’ll often do a bit of journalling – getting any thoughts and ideas off my chest. I try not to look at my phone or emails as I’ll get sucked into that dreaded blue light world!

11.05pm Adding a few drops of calming essential oils to my pillow helps me sleep better. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have even been able to order a coffee, I was so nervous. Now my anxiety is much better, but I’ll always try and use things – like essential oils – to support myself.

11.06pm I like my bedroom pitch black and sleep with my window open. I move around quite a lot in the night – I’m a wriggler – so I always choose light bed linen. I love my eve Sleep pillows too – you feel supported but don’t get too overheated. I sleep in silk PJs which feel very glamorous, although I pair them with an old band T-shirt….

11.10pm When I’m struggling to sleep, I’ll light a candle for some candle-gazing and meditation. When your mind is very busy with ideas, it’s not always easy to meditate and I find having a focal point really helps. Running your own business means there’s a bit of pressure that sometimes keeps you up at night.

11.15pm I’m a very light sleeper and am prone to waking up with ideas. Now, I sleep with a book next to my bed, so I can write things down if I wake (I used to use my phone, but the blue light made me too alert). Once I wrote, ‘How to defend yourself from a zombie invasion: surround yourself with treadmills’. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking…!

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