sleep stories: here’s what’s been keeping you up at night

Last week, we launched our campaign to make sleep a human right, where we kicked things off with a manifesto. In it, we said: ‘wherever we look, people are helplessly suffering the effects of chronic sleep deprivation’. And we weren’t exaggerating. In just a week, our inbox has been flooded with stories from people who are struggling to get the sleep they need. Loud music. Noisy neighbours. Poor housing. It’s just the tip of a very big, exhausted iceberg. 

Although each story is unique, they all prove there’s a real, immediate need for action.

your sleep stories

“We have lived in our house for almost a decade, and have suffered the effects of noise pollution… Mostly from the people next door. They do not seem to work and stay up all night… We have had to adapt to being very low energy people…. It’s not really living, we’re just existing…We have been able to stop the loud stereo speaker base with the support of the local council, but if there was more power available through new legislations, we could achieve more and our lives would improve greatly.” 

It’s not really living, we’re just existing…

“A late-night takeaway next to my flat blasts music every night until 1.30am. The bass is so high, I can feel it my pillow.” 

“I didn’t know how much silence meant to my sleep until I was missing it.”

“I usually wake up several times during the night for no reason. My worst is 10 times in one night, and to say I didn’t perform well at work, is an understatement.” 

To say I didn’t perform well at work, is an understatement.

“My neighbour rented their house to hen parties every weekend. My room was right next to this, so I found it really difficult to sleep.” 

“I’m woken every morning at 3.30am by seagulls… It’s impossible to zone out. People feed them and let them nest in their rooftops, yet the council don’t want to know. I drive to work for an hour feeling tired – it’s not good!” 

Got your own story to share? We’re all ears over on this page here.

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