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improving sleep wellness

We know a good mattress alone isn’t going to kick it when it comes to sleep-wellness. It’s as much about what’s going on around you as it is the snuggly duvet you wrap yourself in. That’s why we’re fighting for the right to sleep. For everyone. Whether you work through the night, are grappling with noisy neighbours or simply looking for a better bedtime routine, we’ve got your back. Every single night. If you’re interested in finding out more about everything we’ve been up, have a little look over at Rise: Shine.


how to sleep well

The world is full of hints and tips, some useful, some less so. We’ve been in the sleep wellness game for a bit now, so we think we’ve got a fairly good handle on what’s useful, and what’s not. We’ve brought together some of the most useful and interesting guides, hints and tips to help you on your quest for a better start each day. From getting comfy, creating your very own sleep sanctuary or winding down for the evening, we’ve got you covered. 

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You might have seen our little disco dancer on your screens lately. Our sloth has become quite a star. Although, surprisingly, they weren’t born with the natural rhythm of Michael Flatly. Gasp we know. They may have shimmied to the top of their game with a little helping hand from eve… So if you’re eager to know how we’re even helping sloths improve their sleep and become quickstep queens then have a read of our disco dancer’s backstory.

And if you just want a furry friend of your own (we don’t blame you), we’ve got your back. Head on over to sign up for your little cuddle buddy here and we’ll notify you when our dancing diva is back. 

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