5 ways to spring clean your desk

Spring has sprung and with it comes brighter mornings, lighter evenings and a new lease of motivation.


There’s no better time of the year to have a good clean, and with the average person spending around 40 hours a week working, we figured the desk is a great place to start.


So whether your desk is in a cubicle, a shared workspace or your bedroom here are our 5 top tips to transform your working space from organised chaos to productivity heaven.


1.Tidy desk, tidy mind

First things first, clear your desk of everything that isn’t useful. That includes the coffee mug from this morning, expired receipts, redundant post-it notes and your old gym shoes that you keep in the bottom drawer. For an evergreen tidy mind, spend a few minutes clearing your desk before you leave the office each Friday. That goes for your computer desktop too – find a beautiful, non-distracting wallpaper image, remove unnecessary icons and re-organise those files and screenshots.

2. Rid your mailbox of clutter

Dedicate a couple of hours to clearing your inbox. Use folders to organise conversations, archive emails you’ve answered and reply to ones you haven’t. Don’t be afraid to adopt the trigger-happy approach when it comes to junk and that unsubscribe button.

3. Become Drawer Smart

Start using your drawers like less of a dumping ground, and more of a project management tool. Keep your stationery, supplies and tools at your fingertips and invest in labelled folders for each of your different projects.

4. Embrace digital

Believe us, we are stationery and letter lovers, but torn out bits of paper and post it notes can cause an eyesore. Look into contacts, tasks and notes apps such as Google Drive or Evernote – not only will your desk look cleaner, but you’ll also never lose a good idea, or important business card again.

5. Go green

Invest in low maintenance plants that will clean the air, brighten up your desk space and create a green sanctuary indoors. Spider plants and Snake plants are really easy to keep and are very good at absorbing toxins from the air.


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