Sunday night cheer

We live in a 24/7 world. A busy place that is not just impacting our days, but slowly creeping into our nights. Our busy minds don’t know when to stop, causing us to toss and turn, fidget and fuss.  And insomnia hits a real peak on Sunday nights. Figures huh?

Did you know a whopping 7/10 UK adults are enduring sleepless nights because of concerns over workload? As our worries are building it means we are now living even more for the weekend (TGIF), then fearing the start of a new week. 

But that’s where we come in 

If you want your Sunday night to be stress-free and full of positive vibes then give our wind-down tips a go and help empty your busy minds before bed. After all, we want you to waltz into the week after a great night’s sleep. 

  • Empty your mind: Get yourself a notepad, grab a napkin or even a scrap of paper and write down your worries. Just get them off your chest. No matter how big or small.  
  • Breath deeply: Sometimes we can get a little ahead of ourselves and forget to just breath. Put on some relaxing tunes and focus on the here and now. Monday can wait. 
  • Switch off: Having some quality z’s is the key to a clear head come Monday morning (especially if you’ve had a heavy weekend). Turn your phone off, say no to Netflix and get friendly with a book to ensure you have a tip-top nights sleep. 

Have you got ‘the fear’?

If you’ve ever laid in bed wide awake on a Sunday evening thinking about those emails lurking in your inbox or juggling that jampack schedule, you’ve experienced ‘the fear’. If you’ve ever lay wide-awake at 1 am on a Monday morning mentally running through your to-do list, you’ve also had ‘the fear’. But what about dreaming that you’ve slept in and missed the train for work? Or rocked up to that all-important meeting in the buff? The fear is real for you also. 

Dreaming is believing 

Dreams are a reflection of our emotional truth, so with 76% of people claiming to experience the Sunday night jitters our dreams are more likely to go into overdrive.  Are you a worrier, an overthinker, forever the optimist or do you try and predict the future? We’ve created our very own dream quiz for you to discover how your daytime thinking can creep into your night-time dreaming. Maybe give it a go on Monday to see if the ‘fear’ affected you. 

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