the perfect start interview – founder of Lozi designs Soroush Pourhashemi

Lozi uses a unique combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking methods to create elegantly minimal designs full of personality that fit seamlessly into any contemporary home.


Every piece, from individual stand-alone items to entire interiors, is beautifully designed and fully customisable using natural and sustainable materials.

Lozi has received critical acclaim over the years, with pieces featuring in The Sunday Times and The Metro as well as a customer base spanning Europe and the US.  Lozi has showcased its collections at many large trade and design shows in London, including Grand Designs Live, 100% Design and Clerkenwell Design Week.

Lozi was founded in 2012 by Soroush Pourhashemi whose passion for innovation and simplicity underpins the brand’s ethos. Here we talk to him about design, inspiration and morning routines…


Tell us a bit about your background. What sparked your interest in interiors and do you have a passion for other art/design forms?

I am a very keen musician and have been playing the drums since I was a child. One of the very first projects I made out of plywood was actually a drum kit I built for myself. I still play that kit at home.
What’s your go-to place to buy things for your home? Is there one particular piece you have a good story for?

My home is mainly furnished with the prototypes from Lozi! Once I have perfected a design, I keep them for myself so as to not waste them. I also love shopping in flea markets, and buy a lot of products from local makers.


How do you keep yourself inspired?

I like to think about how people interact with furniture. I am really interested in the reality of owning a piece, how it is going to be used everyday, how it is going to shape the behaviour of the people around it. I love talking to friends about how they use their pieces and hearing about how things can be improved.

Also travelling and visiting small towns/villages give me a lot inspiration. People intend to be more efficient in smaller places so there is always something new to discover…
Tell us about your morning routine. What would be your perfect start?

A leisurely breakfast! It is all about breakfast. I love traditional Iranian foods, so I love to have a full breakfast with meats, cheese, eggs, breads, fresh salad, fruits, everything! Surrounded by people I love, and ideally sat outside in the sunshine (doesn’t happen often in London sadly) I wish I had time for one of those every morning.


What makes home, home?

I find it is the people in the home that make it, and yes this is coming from a furniture designer! I have always tried to live with close friends in London, and now live with my partner, and it makes all the difference. No matter how beautifully decorated your space is, if there is tension or if you don’t feel welcome in it, it isn’t home.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Most of them can be found in Leonard Cohen’s poetry and lyrics. Slow down the process and focus on one thing at a time. You can guess that I’m a perfectionist!

against the alarm clock questions

How soon do you check your phone in the morning?

After having a shower and making a cup of tea!
Coffee or tea?

Tea, usually ginger and lemon herbal. Coffee when deadlines are looming and I need a bit of extra help.
5-staggered-snooze-alarms or a wake-up-with-the-sun in the morning?

A bit of both actually. All depends on the night before.
Describe your home in 3 words…

Welcoming, Minimal, Musical

Favourite place in the world?

My Parent’s ski chalet in the mountains just outside my home town of Tehran, in Iran. So peaceful and rustic, I try to visit every time I go home.

What’s your one guilty pleasure that you think you spend a little too much time on?

Records. It is the one thing I can’t control in my budget. I am developing a Lozi record holder, simply so I can have one myself…

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