how to stay as cool as a cucumber in bed during the summer months

Now the seasons have changed, and it’s officially summer (yaaaaas!), we’ve put together a few tips to help you get a good night’s sleep. As night-time temperatures soar, here’s how to sleep well when it’s hot outside…

1. keep the curtains closed

If the sun shines directly into your bedroom during the day, make sure to keep windows and curtains closed during daylight to keep the sun’s heat rays out and then open wide at night so air can circulate.

2. refresh before bed

Take a luke-warm shower before bed. Don’t shower cold as this will make you sweat rather than cool you down. If you don’t fancy a warm shower or simply don’t have the time or energy, try holding your wrists under cold running water for a little while for a similar cooling effect.

hands touching cool linen sheets

3. sleep cool

If you’re still feeling too hot and sweaty in your PJs and can’t fall asleep, try dampening a flannel or t-shirt with cold water and cover yourself with it. Or soak a pair of thin cotton socks and wear to bed.

4. choose the right gear

Your choice of mattress is crucial. The eve mattress has been developed to keep you cool and offer a great night’s sleep.The innovative layering system combines the supportive qualities of memory foam, topped with a cooling, breathable layer of natural latex – perfect for summer nights. Choosing sheets of natural fabric that don’t retain the heat will also go a long way towards helping you sleep cool.

5. ice cubes

You may be tempted to put a fan into your room to blast cool air in. That may make falling asleep easier, but the constant airflow could also lead to a cold or neck problems. Try putting a big bag of ice cubes in front of the fan for a few minutes before you go to sleep to freshen up the air in the bedroom. But when it’s time to sleep, turn off the fan.

woman tucked up in bed with linen sheets

6. get rid of heat sources

Turn off all electric appliances such as computers, TVs or chargers which all emit heat, even in standby mode.

7. drink, drink, drink

Even if you’re not thirsty, your body needs fluids to get you through these hot summer nights. Have enough to drink before you go to sleep and always keep a glass of water on your bedside table so you can rehydrate in case you wake up.

8. don’t indulge in heavy meals

Sweet, fatty and salty foods also impact on a good night’s sleep. Go for a light meal in the evening.

How do you keep cool in these hot nights? Leave us a comment below with your tips!

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