eve customers share their best sleep tips – and we’re all ears

We asked members of the eve family to give their tips on how they prepare themselves for bed, what they do if they’re struggling to sleep, and how they get up without hitting the snooze button.

We were overwhelmed with just how many responses we got from people ready to share their sleep solutions. So a big thank you to everyone who filled in our survey form. Here are some of the most popular sleep tips…

lights down low

Preparing your bedroom for sleep is the focus of a number of tips. Lee suggests keeping the room cool, whereas Philip and Jane are both fans of low lighting in the bedroom.

Lavender is a popular suggestion – with Tom suggesting having a nice shower with lavender scented shower gel, and Sarah recommending dabbing pure lavender oil on your temples and gently massaging in circles when you’re struggling to sleep.

woman sat on eve mattress reading

scent of sleep

And lavender isn’t the only scent recommended by eve family members – Lucy is a fan of scented candles and Anna suggests spraying your favourite perfume on your pillow just before bed.

Tom’s tip of a nice warm shower is echoed by Selina and Chrissie, whereas Naomi, Will, Keith and Tom all prefer a nice warm bath.

Susan, Flint and Tom all suggest a glass of warm milk half an hour before, whereas Ann prefers a glass of cold milk. Marc bucks the trend completely by recommending not drinking anything at all in the last hour before bed, while Peter believes that it’s important to not eat too close to bedtime.

tech a break

No TV, no smartphone, no computers – Susan, Derek and Marcus all stress the importance of no technology before bedtime. Although India points out you can use a blue light filter on your smartphone so you can carry on using it before bedtime without the negative effects associated with late night screen use.

Not everyone limits sensory stimulation before bedtime. Will and Caroline both recommend listening to relaxing music. Selina suggests listening to waves crashing gently on a phone app that times out so it doesn’t wake you up later. Lee is a fan of white noise apps if you’re struggling to sleep, along with visualisation techniques – his favourite being walking in a field of red poppies under a blazing blue sky.

Tom, Susan and Philip are also fans of visualisation. Philip likes to imagine a holiday somewhere warm, Susan pictures a still pond with a wheel in the middle which is slowly turning and sinking, while Tom prefers to think about the vastness of space.

self focus

Richard has a helpful tip about focusing on yourself – rather than your surroundings – at bedtime. He suggests that, before getting into bed, you look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Chrissie has a similar tip – writing down what you’ve achieved during the day and reading it back to yourself in order to congratulate yourself on your successes. Both tips are about remembering to put yourself at the centre of your world and appreciating yourself, which can help you put the day to bed before putting yourself to bed.

Stretching yourself out before bed is another popular tip, with Iain suggesting exercise and both Jo and Anna Maria recommending bedtime yoga. It’s a popular tip for waking up too, with Susan recommending waking yourself up slowly by stretching out – and thinking of positive actions for the day.

journée internationale du sommeil

double check

Several people – including Jane and Caroline – make the point of double-checking your alarm is set to aid the best night’s sleep. If you know you’re definitely going to get up at the right time, no matter how deeply you sleep, then you sleep easier.

When it comes to the morning, both John and Samantha are fans of mind over matter, saying you should just get up when your alarm goes off, and Marcus believes it’s important to hit the day running by throwing off the duvet and showering at pace.

your own tune

A number of people – including Keith and Lucy – suggest putting on the radio or having an upbeat song as your alarm tune, whereas Richard, Will and India  take the more practical approach of simply putting the alarm clock out of reach. For some people, alarm clocks can come in all shapes and sizes. For Selina, her alarm is small children, and for Susan , it comes in the shape of an excitable dog!

When it comes to struggling to sleep, many eve family members suggest getting out of bed and have a break before trying again. Jane suggests sitting in a straight-backed chair, Kevin recommends having a cup of tea, whereas Susan, Jonathan and Iain prefer a short walk around the house.

sleep cycle

Many eve family members – including Caroline, Chrissie and Derek – believe in a long-term approach to getting good sleep. They all suggest a regular sleep cycle habit of 8 hours in bed to help you wake up refreshed.

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