top bedroom storage picks for a tidy sleep sanctuary

Whether you have a mega or modest-sized bedroom, keeping it tidy isn’t always that easy. Don’t get us wrong, a bit of mess now and then is all good. But what about when we want to make things spick and span?

Well, we’ve got just the bedroom storage hacks you need to squirrel away all kinds of things (except squirrels). Read on for the full lowdown.

our top bedroom storage picks

1. the bed frame

What could be more space-saving than a bed frame that does the hard work for you? Yup, the storage bed frame isn’t just for sleeping on. It has a generous 18 cm of space for blankets, bedding and things you don’t want the kids to find (clue: your midnight snack stash).

With a nifty opening mechanism that’s easier than buttering a crumpet, getting tidy is a breeze. Better yet, we have a single version for that boxy spare room you want to keep in order.

And if you’re up for going a bit more fancy, try the button back storage bed frame. It has a bit of added ‘ooh la la’. But with all of the same great storage. Nice.

2. the drawers

Another of our favourite bedroom storage options comes in the form of a drawer. One that slides effortlessly underneath the spindle bed frame to give the illusion of clean bedroom perfection (no one needs to know).

Made from superbly sturdy solid oak, the spindle bed drawer sits on caster wheels so that you can pull it out from the side or foot of your bed. And we made it so that two fit alongside each other. Thank us later.

3. the ottoman

Introducing our final but equally brilliant space-saver: the ottoman storage bench. It’s a whopping great help for keeping things tidy. Yet so understated that it just pops on the end of any bed. Here’s why we love it…

There’s the sophisticated design. The solid pine legs. A cushioned lid. Oh, and we should probably mention the storage element. This functional beauty has a whopping 35 cm of storage height so you can declutter to your heart’s content. And when you’re done, it’s perfectly perch-able (and could make quite the window seat).

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