Want the recipe for perfect sleep? We’ve got the goods

Believe it or not, there actually is a recipe for the perfect night’s sleep


Our new research study – in which we surveyed 2,000 British sleepers – revealed the exact conditions you need (or at least, that ‘most people’ need) to get a great night’s rest.


Among the nuggets of insight revealed was the fact that reading a few pages of a physical book (no Kindles or other screen-type devices) puts you in the best possible mindframe for good sleep.


We also learned that you need at least 37 minutes between putting down your phone and actually going to sleep for your mind to properly switch off. Sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.


By averaging out the 2,000 answers, we discovered that the optimum sleeping time should be eight hours, and that the perfect time to go to sleep is 10:39pm.


Controversially, 44 per cent of people believe they sleep better when their partner isn’t in the bed with them, with women more likely to turf their other half out to improve their sleep quality. Ironically, given that last insight, one in five think having sex before bedtime is the best way to guarantee a restful night’s kip.


It also emerged four in 10 Brits can’t get to sleep unless the room is completely dark, and a quarter can’t drop off unless there’s a total absence of noise.


If you thought that the physical position you slept in was largely unique to you, you might be wrong. It turns out the majority of us sleep on our right side with our legs curled up. Does that sound like you? If you’re an on-the-back sleeper, you should feel special – only five percent of Brits sleep like this.


Simple fixes


We found that a quarter of those surveyed struggled to sleep from feeling too warm at night, but, bafflingly, a quarter of the respondents were most likely to hit the hay in a full set of pyjamas. Could great sleep simply be a case of shedding the PJs?


Sadly, one in four Brits can’t even remember the last time they had a good night’s sleep,

And three in ten say their partner’s incessant snoring is what keeps them lying awake at night.


Half of the nation believe they’re more irritable after a poor night’s sleep, and one in five admit they’re more likely to eat junk food and are even prone to nodding off during the day.


At eve, we’ve long been advocates for great sleep – it’s the reason we were founded as a company – and it’s the single driving force behind all of the products we create.



Here it is, your nine-point plan to better sleep


  • Go to bed at 22:39
  • Ensure your room temperature is 16.1 degrees Celsius
  • Put on clean bedding
  • Make sure the room is totally dark, painted white, and tidied
  • Avoid your phone for 37 minutes before sleep
  • Wear pyjamas
  • Read a few pages of a paper book (not an e-reader)
  • Sleep on your right side, with legs curled up
  • Don’t cuddle up with your partner




  1. S Roberts says:

    Should it not say ‘DON’T wear pyjamas’? The article says it’s being too warm that affects sleep and advises shedding the PJs, but then the 9 point list contradicts that….

  2. “Don’t cuddle up with your partner”? :O

    Monsters >.<

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