Why do we dream?

Dreams are pretty unpredictable. They can be funny, emotional, scary or just downright bizarre. It’s rare that you dream about something completely logical. But, they are actually pretty important.

Did you know that dreaming can help our mental health and teaches us to silence those inner demons that might pop up during the day? Whether good or bad, we may wake up with solutions to those niggling problems or at least feel a little better getting things off our chest.

A dream can also foster creativity. What makes sleep so powerful is that when in the land of nod, your brain is undisturbed and pesky logic can’t get in the way of good creative thought. That’s why you could wake up with the idea for the next number one or a Hollywood blockbuster (we’re pretty sure most wacky films have been born from a crazy night of dreaming).

bump in the night

It’s not all hunky-dory though. We’ve all had those nights where we wake up in a hot sweat, anxious about the three-headed axe murderer that’s just been chasing us through a swamp (or is that just us?). Why do our perfectly normal, happy brains serve us up such horrible nightmares? Well, research suggests that this is our body’s way of preparing us for threat. Even though it’s unlikely we’ll meet the bogey-man anytime soon, our bodies want to make sure we’re primed and ready to tackle him when he does turn up. 

But what about those pre-bedtime cheese boards? Isn’t it that cheeky chunk of cheddar that causes nightmares? There may actually be some truth behind this old wives’ tale. But leave the cheese out of it. (No really, do.) It’s actually the midnight munchies that cause our amygdala (a thing in our brain that helps us experience emotions) to be overactive, encouraging our brains to dream up madcap terrors that’d never cross our mind in the waking hours. 

what kind of dreamer are you?

So what does this all mean for you? Do you fancy finding out what your weird and wonderful dreams mean? Take the eve dream quiz to see where you sit in the eve dream spectrum and find out what you could be dreaming about next…



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