why eve?


When it comes to sustainability we all want to do our bit. But surely, changing your mattress every 10 years can’t be the most planet-friendly thing to do? Correct. However, if you want that healthy body it’s kind of essential. So that’s why we make sure our impact on the planet is as minimal as it can be. We’re aiming to be FSC (forest stewardship council) certified by the end of 2020 and we refurbish or reuse all the used mattresses that come back to us. Either we send them to partners and charities or recycle the ones we can’t rehome. To us, every mattress matters.


our products

When it comes to our products, good design is what makes us tick. I mean I guess it kind of has to. But we relish clean, crisp lines, solid wood builds and carefully crafted details. Life shouldn’t be complicated and neither should great design. We create simple, beautiful products to enhance everyone’s sleep so that people can rise and shine. Every day.

our materials

Let’s face it, we all want a super comfortable bedroom. That feeling when you sink right into your bed every evening. Oh yes. So it’s no surprise that sublime comfort is top of our agenda when we’re in the workshop. We use a range of bespoke materials in everything we do from floatfoam to plush velvet, ensuring anything you buy is premium, cosy and downright comfortable.

touches of eve

Not only are we bedroom masterminds, but we also create products with a little more je ne sais quoi. Every product has that bit of sparkle. We’ve got unique contour zones in our mattresses that perfectly hug you where you need it, adjustable slats that shape your bed frame to your needs, duvets with special corner ties and pillows that actually breathe with you, not against you. The list is endless. 


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