back to school: help your children sleep better

It can be a tough transition going back to school, but one thing that’ll definitely make it easier to get your kids back into a routine is a good night’s sleep. Our brains work better when well-rested, we learn more and our memory is better able to store information.

To help parents facing the back to school blues, we’ve put together an eight-step bedtime plan to help your children sleep better.

Back-to-school infographic

set a bedtime

And stick to it… but start the bedtime routine an hour beforehand, so your child has time to mentally prepare for bed.

gadget-free zone

All smartphones, tablets and TVs should go off at the beginning of the bedtime routine so your child has an hour without looking at a screen.

get them ready

Cleaning teeth and putting on pajamas should be done at the beginning of the bedtime routine as these activities can give your child a temporary boost of energy.

start a diary

Getting them to write or draw about their day helps them realise the day is coming to an end. Get your child to talk through what they’ve drawn or written to help put the day to bed.

clear the clutter

Large plastic tubs are an easy way to tidy toys away quickly, as a clutter-free room makes for a calmer sleeping space.

go darkish

A darkened room aids sleep, but if they don’t like the dark, invest in a plug-in night light or leave their bedroom door open and the hall light on. If your child is scared, it won’t help them get to sleep.

hug their teddy

And explain their bedtime stuff toy now holds your hugs to stop them from feeling deserted.

keep at it

Follow the same plan every night, even a the weekend – children respond well to routines.

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